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YourAirtime is a platform designed to offer visibility and valuable feedback for dancers. There is so much talent out there and we strive to select the very best! Our mission: To build a thriving, diverse online community made up of passionate, creative, and talented individuals who are serious about their art and are eager in sharing it with like minded individuals.


    You want to be featured on YourAirtime and be included in a stellar library? All you need to do is register. Upload your dance video and become part of something new!


    Upload your video and showcase your talent among dancers who use the web to artistically inspire and be inspired to evolve.


    Website visitors will familiarize themselves with the criteria that make a dance performance stand out. This way, they will be informed while using YourAirtime's criteria-specific rating scales.

    Website visitors are invited to browse YourAirtime featured talent and rate, but wοn’t be able to comment under each file. This way, YourAirtime protects its users from irrelevant comments.

    YourAirtime will however, invite decision makers, with experience in dance to comment on each talents entry and there will be full transparency concerning guest commentator credentials. This platform is only interested in valuable feedback.